Registration for 1 week half-day retreat

Registration for 1 week half-day retreat

Jaya will lead a week of half-day online retreat from January 2nd to January 8th, 2022!

Join to support your own self-retreat or to help you integrate meditation into daily life.

Commit to 1-2 hours of the schedule for the whole week or join the whole retreat schedule. The schedule will allow different levels of participation, though we ask that you commit to joining daily.
For example: Join the meditation every day at 3-4 pm CET, or join from 7-9 pm CET for meditation and Dharma talk. You'll have access to each day's recordings after the live sessions, so you can listen at a later time.

This is a proposed approximate retreat schedule that may possibly be adapted. Confirmation of exact times will be sent out before the retreat begins.

Afternoon Session:

3pm guided meditation
4:15pm meditative movement or creative mindless gathering
5pm meditation
5:45pm meal break

Evening Session:

7pm meditation
7:30 pm dharma talk
8:15-9 meditation

Your registration fee goes to Open Dharma and will confirm your participation in the retreat.

May we awaken to the immeasurable heart to what is.