Registration for Listening Sphere program - November 2022

Registration for Listening Sphere program - November 2022

"Listening Sphere"
Online program with Jaya Ashmore
November 2022

Listening is a relationship of reverence and playfulness--independence within wholeness. Curiosity and non-demand. Not one and not two.

This month, join Jaya and an international community to play with the power of listening internally, with a partner, in community and in the world.
With the support of a few starting guidelines, we will practice opening the gift of natural listening.
Jaya will offer a weekly one-hour open session -- ranging between sharing, Dharma talk, meditation and dialogue.
2-3pm CET on all Wednesdays in November except November 16th.

Participants will also meet weekly in pairs for simple but structured listening sessions with jaya's weekly inquiry question or deep, open listening inspired by the Time to Think method on a theme of your choice.

Registration fee to Open Dharma towards organizational work: $35 - $50.